Kuwait Ministry of state for youth Affairs talents program feature

Kuwait Ministry of state for youth Affairs talents program feature.


Tribe Magazine Feature

Tribe Magazine Feature , Article by Rana Sadik.

Canvas Magazine Feature

Canvas Magazine Feature, Essay By Michket Krifa.


Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles – 2016

Please come and join us on the 8th of July in Arles at leBoudoir2.0, 13 rue du pont, from 6.30pm.

Program and press release about the platform leBoudoir2.0 avilable at the links below:


Short Conversion with Mens Passion Magazine.

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Half Life!

As I shoot using films I always take the first shot with a polaroid to test my lighting, With taking the light test with my Polaroid in Turkey an interesting incident happened; these portraits of young men came out cropped! Half of the image didn’t appear! Initially, I thought that maybe there was something wrong with my camera but when I started to take photos of more people on the street to test it out and their photo came out perfect!, but again when I returned to and took a portrait of one of the refugees it was also cropped! Basically, the camera and the portraits came out perfectly with everyone els but them!

When I traveled to Lebanon a few months later the exact same thing happened again!

Therefore, I now have a half polaroid for each one of them, These young  innocent souls so unfortunate and mistreated in this life that even the camera had refused to develop  a full image of them…



Four Hand Can’t Clap” will be shown at Sultan Gallery   10-19 Nov 2015.



“Four Hands Can’t Clap”

This year I traveled to the Syrian refugee camps searching for love, more specifically in the hopes of finding couples that had met and fell in love during those rough times. I went to the camps in Adana – Turkey and Bar Elias – Lebanon but unfortunately I only came across brokenhearted young men…

The first camp I went to was in Adana – Turkey. I had permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stay at the camp for one week but unfortunately for administrative reasons I was only allowed to be inside for one hour! Searching for such an intimate topic one must build a relationship with the refugees and gain their trust in order for them to be able to open up and talk. I traveled there with my Film camera and hand painted background. My idea was to set up a “studio” in the middle of the camp, an idea inspired by the very early street photographers but because I couldn’t do that I had set it up in the parking lot of the hotel I was staying at, facing the street and bringing the young men I met from the camp to be photographed. It wasn’t easy for them either as they also needed permission to leave the camp! People in the street started gathering around to see what was happening! Even the neighbors brought us some water and tea; all in all, I believe it was a pleasant experience for us all.

A few months later I visited the camp in Lebanon, It was much smaller than the one in Adana that housed about 12000 families in comparison to the one in Lebanon that housed around 60 families only. You can imagine the difficulty in finding intimate stories. For my trip to Lebanon I brought with me two wedding pillowcases attached together to use as a background. The portraits were taken in a beautiful wheat field near the camp.

What I found most interesting was that the war and life in these camps didn’t have a huge affect on the refugees’ traditions, financial status, and basic emotions and feelings, such as greed and jealousy — they all existed there. When it came to love they behaved like nothing was happening, some even left each other for not being from the same social or financial status! Even though they both lost everything I found that in their behavior it was as if they were grasping on to the last shred of hope and the idea that someday soon they will return back to their homes and life will be the same as it used to be.



Four Hand Can’t Clap” will be shown at Sultan Gallery   10-19 Nov 2015.





Saudi Calligrapher “Abdulrahman Nugamshi”

Abdulrahman is an Amazing emerging Saudi Artists From Saudi Arabia. I photographed him during his visit to Kuwait.

You can view Nugamshi’s work HERE

Sami Mohammad

Kuwaiti Artist “Sami Mohammad”

Kuwait – 2014

Hand Colored Gelatin Silver print.


الفنان الكويتي سامي محمد

الكويت – ٢٠١٤

صورة ابيض واسود وتلوين يدوي

لطيور الجنة التي غادرت سماء الارض “Gaza”



“Tareq Sayed Rajab de Montfort”

Tareq De Montforte


Hand Colored Gelatin Silver Print.

Kuwait – 2014

Featured at: L’Oeil de la Photographie

Featured at the French photography magazine  “L’Oeil de la Photographie”

Link Here


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KUNA News About “Tomorrow’s Past”


Arabic: Here

English: Here

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My first solo “Tomorrows Past” coming up Today at CAP Kuwait.

Opening reception: 9/4/2014 (7:00 – 9:00pm)

Exhibition dates: 10/4/2014 – 19/4/2014

Contemporary Art  Platform / The Art Room


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Featured at “The Culturist”

My feature at  the Official Honoree of  Webby Blog Awards “The Culturist”  By the Founder Hind Mezina.

Link: Here


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