Haram Missing you is my greatest inspirationI will never say i miss you againI'd rather burn that live without youUntitled.jpgYou hurt me - You complete me IYou hurt me - You complete me IIYou hurt me - You complete me III

Over the years i heard countless amount of heart breaking love stories, witnesed happy lovers turned to wistful strangers, Optimistic coupls full of life becoms wilted flowers.
Love changes us, hate changes us, broken hearts changs us.. We will never be the same.
In the past years some of my friends has shared their  most intmate details of their love stories with me. Surprisngly there’s a common between all of the diffrences!
I felt that the pain, the drama in these stories were  not ment to be kept in closed hearts, i always wanted to express them some how, And since i can never unlock these entrusted secrets i started to use Vintage news papers, news papers full of history that use to deliver all kind of stories over the years. it became my platform. Each piece were inspired  by a true story from a couple, Or used to be…
Mixed Media on Vintage Newspapers.
Kuwait – 2012/2013