Two Girls And A Ghost



In this series of photographs by Mohammed Alkouh twin girls sharing the trauma of loss of a loved one are posed formally like subjects in a 19th century photographer’s studio. When the more vulnerable of the two is shown alone in darkness she is able only to grasp her own arm for comfort. She requires the company of her stronger twin. Although they share the ties of birth and the emotion of grief, one of the girls is takes on the role of  guardian of her identical sister. The deceased, who once protected the girls, dwells as a phantom in the void that enshrouds them. The ghost is powerless to tender comfort. Its presence in the minds of the living accentuates the emptiness they feel.

The two girls are numb, unable to shed more tears or rail against the injustice of life. It is in each other’s company that the seeds of hope begin to germinate. It is the living not the dead or their ghosts who console and heal the painful wounds of emptiness left by death of a loved one.



“Two Girls And  A Ghost”

Reprint From an Instant Photograph.

Minneapolis – 2013