Kuwait city 1984-1986

During my research for "Tomorrows Past" Project i found this home Vedio that i online  for a family that used to live in Kuwait back in the 80s. The father recorded some of  there daily life in Kuwait. Its amazing to see something like that. Coming from a conservative culture Kuwaitis didn't do that in public. Most of Kuwaiti people vedios are Private home vedios or videos that they recorded  during  there travels out of Kuwait, So we don't have they much of a visual archive for our city.Here is another video for the same family but whats interesting about this video is some of the footage has been taken during the month February, The month of celebration of the independency of Kuwait 25 Feb 961. In the minute 5:30 to 7:15 the family took a tour at the city were most of the beautiful buildings covered with Festival lights (Some of the them you can find in Tomorrows Past project)They started the tour at the Heart of Kuwait Citywere you can see the building of Kuwait Fund, Ministry of information, Alawqaf Complex, Salhya Complex, and some buildings that does not exist any more. Then they went for Al-Ahmadi City, The location of "Kuwait Oil Company" HQ, The company covers the whole area of Ahmadi with lights during the month of February.Ofcourse now we celebrate both the 24-25 of Feb every year were the 24 is the day of liberation from the Iraqi invasion in 1991.