Born in 1984, Mohammed Al Kouh lives and works in Kuwait. Al Kouh is a self-taught artist who has explored different aspects of arts since childhood, After graduating from Kuwait University with BA in Business Administration & Marketing, Al Kouh took his passion to a new level. As a child he was captivated by the idea of “stealing souls and capturing them in negatives” and so he began to photograph everything he wished to never lose. Photography became his means to "steal" his cherished moments in life and protect them safely in his closet.

As time went on Al Kouh faced complexities in adapting with reality which led him to develop a deep rooted nostalgia to an era he never lived, a time where everything was romantic and beautiful. With his delicate photographic techniques he reinterprets his subconscious in staged realities offering contrast between past and present which results in what looks like a dream that allows him to be simultaneously here and there….

 “In Dreams you’re always more beautiful than reality. You’re always happy and with the ones you love, and no one can hurt you…”



-2013                 Out of Kuwait-2 residency program lead by The Royal College of Art – London

                          & CAP, Kuwait

-2012                 Osama Esid Studio – Minneapolis, USA



The Tropen Museum – Amsterdam

Barjeel Art Foundation - UAE



- 2019                 Arab Documentary Photography Program – ADPP , By

                           The Arab  Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC Prince Claus Fund  – PCF

                           and Magnum Foundation 


Biennales / Art Festivals:

– 2013             Art Moments Festival, Zenith Art Exchange – Budapest, Hungary

- 2014               Architectural Venice Biennale   - Venice

–  2016            Les Rencontres de la photographie – Arles

– 2016            “The Nest” By AlRiwaq – Bahrain

- 2019            Format Photography Festival  - UK



- 2013               JAMM - Contemporary Arab, Iranian and International Art - Kuwait



2017              Ethics of the Urban – Harvard University – School of Design

2019               Women in War  - Intisars Foundation


Solo Exhibitions: 

-2014              “Tomorrow’s Past” – Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait 

-2015              “Four Hands Can’t Clap” – Sultan Gallery, Kuwait


 Group Exhibitions:

-  2019              “The Place I Call Home”   - Traveling exhibition between UK & the GCC –    

                          British Council – ffoto Gallery  

- 2019               “Save AlSawaber” - Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait 

-2018                “Contemporary Photography from the Arab World”, American University

                          Museum in Katzen Arts Center -  Washington DC

-2017                “Abolish Article 153” - Kuwait

-2015               “The Sixties” , The Tropenmuseum – Amsterdam

-2013               “Nostalgia”, JAMM Art in collaboration with Albareh Art Gallery – Dubai

-2013               “Out Of Kuwait” , organized by The British Council, Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait and The Royal College of Arts in  London –  Edge Of Arabia, London

-2013               “Kursi – A Tribute To Chairs”, Design Terminal – Budapest, Hungary

-2013                Peace One Day – Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait

-2012                “Mubarakiyah” – Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait

-2012                “Without Boundaries”, FA Gallery, Kuwait

-2012                 Peace One Day - Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait

-2002                 Al-Qurain Cultural Fair 7th Exhibition – NCCAL, Kuwait

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